Was Optima Tax Relief Overturned by Twitter?

Was Optima Tax Relief Overturned by Twitter?We here at optimataxrelief.biz, the NOT Optima Tax Relief LLC website, opened an account at Twitter for our website. Less than 8 hours after “following” a V.P. at Optima Tax Relief, our account was suspended. It appears that someone at Optima Tax Relief LLC (the other guys) didn’t register the optimataxrelief name at Twitter, so we did.

While we can’t say for sure if it was actually someone from Optima Tax Relief LLC who filed a complaint with Twitter, we can say for certain, our Twitter account was suspended. What we do believe, is that the complaint sure smells like it was to cover-up the mistake of not getting the optimataxrelief name at Twitter.

During our research into Jesse Stockwell’s many companies, we came across a complaint by a former employee of Debtmerica LLC which gave us some insight into Jesse Stockwell’s personality. So we can certainly understand how someone would take such a drastic action to try to shut us down, as the mistake of not getting the Twitter name could bring the wrath of Jesse Stockwell:

Debtmerica, LLC – “Worst CEO in Orange County CA” Whether you worked for them as an employee or work with him as a vendor, my boss is the worst CEO in Orange County. He has built an impressive reputation of acting completely irrational and exhibits bi polar aggressive behavior. Many folks will warn you about him and share may [sic] crazy situations, listen to these individuals and be glad you are not involved with this crazy man. Full Story here.

Note: Debtmerica LLC shares an address and numerous employees with Optima Tax Relief LLC.

The result of this “anonymous” complaint was that our Twitter account was suspended. We appealed the decision to Twitter, who does not have a reputation for reversing  their decisions, or so we have been told.  A BIG THANKS to Twitter, who within 24 hours of receiving our email below, did turn our account back on. Here is our appeal to Twitter (please excuse the typos but we wanted the exact text):

Good afternoon,

We have fully reviewed your policies and do not believe that we have violated any of them. We are wondering if you believe there is an issue with our name. We have the domain optimataxrelief.biz that was recently purchased by us. We are not in the same business as the owner(s) of the other domains with different extensions, and are therefore not in violation of any trademark or copyrights. Further, we are not selling any competitive product, or any product whatsoever. We simply provide users with a place to write about their experiences with debt/tax industry companies, that when factually based, will not be taken down as is the track record of the industry. We also provide them with information about similar free services that are available to them. For example, we show them what the IRS says about tax relief companies and provide them with the IRS links to free services. Our organization is made up of retired industry professionals who volunteer their services to help people for free.

We are guessing that Optima Tax Relief has made the complaint that led to our suspension. You should know, the owners father is one of our volunteers. We don’t believe that Twitter would ever want to stop an all volunteer free service that offers alternatives that the U.S. Government recommends and who makes available the government warnings about these “tax relief scams”. If you go to our websites (optimataxrelief.biz is just starting but will be fully up in a day or two) you will, I’m sure agree, we provide one of the few options for people who can least afford being taken advantage of.

One of our volunteers, a retired Federal Judge, made it clear that Optima Tax Relief LLC relinquished any rights it had to optimataxrelief.biz when it did not take the reasonable precaution to protect its rights when it did not purchase the optimataxrelief.biz domain. They cannot now claim that the fee of $9.90 a year for that protection was a hardship. Therefore, we its legal owners, have an equal claim and the rights to use the name.

Lastly, you should know that there is a long list of feeder sites for Optima Tax Relief LLC and others in this industry. They remove any negative posts in less than 24 hours of them being posted. Just review their positive posts, we believe you will also conclude they all appear to be written with a similar pen. It’s not us that you will be stopping if you suspend our account, but the voices of all those that don’t want others to experience the additional financial cost, but the humiliation of having been taken advantage of by them again. Please see the Fox Business Report “Don’t Become a Victim of a Tax-Relief Scam” if you doubt the need for sites like ours. http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2013/07/30/dont-become-victim-tax-relief-scam/

Thank you for your consideration,

While it’s purely conjecture on our part as to who, if anyone, filed a complaint that led to our account being suspended, we will let you come to your own conclusions. Again, thanks to Twitter for reviewing the suspension of our account. We will once again be Tweeting about the other side of the story regarding Optima Tax Relief LLC.

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